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Hawai'i Nights takes one of the most beautiful and most photographed places on Earth and surprises you by presenting it in a completely new and captivating "light".

HAWAI'I NIGHTS is a project that brings you a never seen before professional quality photographic documentary of the night sky in all the publicly accessible inhabited islands of Hawaii.

Along with magnificent night vistas of Kauai, Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, Lanai and Molokai (the six publicly accessible inhabited islands in Hawaii), HAWAI'I NIGHTS is a live photographic experience that brings to you images of Milky Way arches above enchanting beaches, volcanoes at night, moonbows, cliffs, abandoned resorts, palm tree forests and many more surprising and captivating nightscapes, all in a "first of its kind" collection that is sure to transport you to a heavenly side of Hawaii not many people have ever experienced.

The book contains over 70 images and more than 100 pages where, along with the images - many of them double-spread - the author narrates the many travels, situations and adventures that took place while capturing the images for Hawai'i Nights, and how a family trip became an adrenaline rush where emotions run high in order to complete the project. The images of course perfectly illustrate every step of the story.


The first batch from the first print run of HAWAI'I NIGHTS is being shipped right now.

UPDATE DEC 20, 2014: We'd still try our best, however delivery can no longer be guaranteed before December 25th, sorry!

You can order digital copies anytime, and they'll be delivered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Just click on the button of your choice. Paypal guarantees a safe transaction. If you don't have PayPal, contact us. We also accept checks and credit cards.
Digital copy
24 US$

Soft cover
49 US$ + shipping

Hard cover
65 US$ + shipping

After you make the purchase we'll contact you with the details. REMEMBER, you can order HARD COVER copies now, but they will only be shipped by mid December 2014.

There are more than one hundred (100) different images in the entire Hawai'i Nights collection. It is, indeed, the largest collection of nightscapes from Hawaii on the Internet. At the moment of this writing, less than half have been published. Of course, the book includes many more images than the ones shown here.

To see the images already released or read some quotes from the book, click (or tap) over an island to see that island's gallery, or click here for a full-screen slideshow For prints contact me.

Kaua'i Kauai O'ahu Moloka'i Lana'i Maui Maui Maui Hawai'i

New images will be released regularly on the DeepSkyColors page on Facebook. Follow or "like" the page to see them first:

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