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M16, M17, M18 and Pluto

Posted: April 19th, 2009

Bigger version (2000x1331)

Small annotated version (only the Messiers and Pluto are labeled):

Bigger version (2000x1331)

April 19th, 2009

Exposure time:
L: 6x10', RGB: 3x3' each channel
Total: 2 hours
Focal: 385mm, f/3.6

Imaging scope: FSQ106 EDX w/ 0.7x reducer
Camera: STL11000
Guiding camera: StarShoot Autoguider
Mount: Takahashi EM400

Dinosaur Point, California
Seeing: Soft
Transparency: Soft

Stacking: DeepSkyStacker
Processing: PixInsight & Photoshop

On the night of April 19th, I went to Dinosaur Point to do some imaging. After I was done shooting the target of that night (which btw I had to end up throwing away completely) I was planning to point at the rising Sagittarius, and take a shot at two popular objects and a (dwarf) planet that happened to be around... It wasn't the main object of the night, I only had little time, it was very low in the horizon, etc. so I wasn't aiming at capturing something outstanding at all, but still I didn't want to leave without it!

Not a lot of data because as I said, it was getting late, I had gone out the night before as well, next day I had to go to work, etc.

The black triangle at the right-bottom is not a defect, neither me being creative with a black paintbrush. It's a mountain I started when the object was still kind of low, and rather than discarding the first couple of subs, I decided to include it in the rest. The mountain itself was shot with my Canon 40D on a tripod, and pasted afterwards overlapping the "moved" mountain in the first two subs, but a "mountain-free" image is also possible and in fact my first processing didn't include it, but after looking at both, I kind of like it more with the terrestrial feature even I wasn't able to get any details out of it other than the silhouette.

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