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New area: The DeepSkyColors Blog

Posted: January 9th, 2010

One of my "New Year resolutions" was to start an area in DeepSkyColors where I would write about astrophotography and related topics, that could go from simple reports of things that happened during an "outing" (an astrophoto session), opinions and thoughts, how I do certain things (what some might call "tutorials"), or even rants :-) ... I've chosen to start today, January 9th, 2010 because in the future it'll be easy for me to remember when I started it: it's my birthday :-)

This area will be available following the "Blog" link in the left menu on blog.DeepSkyColors.com.

I'm not making any commitments other than writing here every once in a while. Sometimes I might post 3 articles in a row, and then it could take me a month to write something else. The truth is, it's a lot faster to write than to take photographs of the deep night sky! But we'll see... :-) Of course, unless otherwise specified, everything I write will be my opinion, not the sacred truth . You might agree or disagree with me, but if there's something I've found is that the best way to learn is to share our thoughts, rather than lecturing as if we knew it all.

So let this be the announcement for now, and in a few minutes I'll post the first "official" post of the DeepSkyColors Blog! :-)



jose (Contact, Page), January 18th, 2012, 9:08
Hola rogelio
podrias indicarme un buen tutorial para mosaicos
muchas gracias

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