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M10, M12 and galactic cirrus

Posted: May 6th, 2010

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On Thursday May 6th, at Dino Pt, when I was "done" taking shots of my current project, I went for a quickie of this pair (M10 and M12) that despite they're not that far apart, I've never seen as a pair before.

Since I was just taking something without any preparation or plans, I first did a quick processing that resulted into a nice and simple image of these two globular clusters (800x532 version, 3779x2512 version).

Then I posted this version on a web forum and a couple of friends were quick to say "I stretched your image and I saw there's some of that dust we like so much". Funny, because when processing the luminance I too I did notice a few "odd" structures that I knew couldn't be gradients,

Anyway, this area is rather close to the Milky Way, so it makes sense there's "stuff" in the FOV, so I reprocessed it. I wasn't completely happy with the results so a couple of nights later at DeepSky Ranch I decided to capture more luminance, this time 7 subs of 15 minutes each. The "dusty" result is what you can see above. The image isn't as contrasty and probably less appealing to some than the original version, but for those into this type of thing I think it's kind of cool. The structures aren't as well defined as they should because the data is still somewhat marginal and this stuff is really faint.

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