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2010 Dark Sky Times Calendar

Posted: May 19th, 2010

Our good friend Eric Zbinden has put together a table listing all "dark periods" (no moon, between astro twilight) for 2010. The times given in the table are for the night following noon of the shown date and are corrected for daylight saving time in the summer months. Hope you will find it useful

A few tips in how to read the table:
  • This Table Summarizes the period of darkness between astronomical twilights with the moon below the horizon.
  • Time notation follows military time without trailing zeroes (4=4minutes past midnight, 130=1:30AM, 1458=2:58PM, etc)
  • All time shown for a given date are happening during the night immediately following noon time on that date (i.e. if you were to go observing/imaging after work on May 4, the moonless period of the night would start at 9:43PM on May 4 and end at 1:43AM on may 5.
  • Blank cells mean the moon is above the horizon between the astronomical twilights.
  • Original moon rise/set and astronomical twilight times from the USNO website.
    Underscored cells denote daylight saving time start and finish                               



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