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First astrophoto: Moon

Posted: June 5th, 2012

The other night, my 9 years old girl - who knows about Photoshop more than what she should ;-) and has spent actually dozens of nights with me during my photo outings, even to parties like GSSP (twice) or Calstar (three times) - took our Nikon S6 that we have for family photos and stuff, pointed at the Moon, zoomed in, captured it, and after some Photoshop, this is what she delivered... Well, I later did a 800x600 crop at 100%, no further touchups

I do guarantee that the photo has improved a bit from the original... That nice color balance, the sharpening free of  Gibbs stuff... Pretty cool!

Okay, don't mind me if you'd rather, but... how could I not post this photo here, for goodness sake!! Sure, she could have done this a year or two earlier if she had thought of it, but what excites me is that this was her first, and that she went and got it all by herself.  Maybe some other day I'll show her how to put the camera - but preferably the Canon 40D, not the Coolpix S6 again - on a tripod and get an even cooler Moon or whatever :-)

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