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Tropic of Cancer Marker

Posted: July 31st, 2013

Tropic of Cancer (and me), Hualien County, Taiwan, July 2013 

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What you see here is the Tropic of Cancer marker in Taiwan that's located half way between the cities of Hualian and Taidong. In other words, the line that defines the Tropic of Cancer crosses through that opening between both sides of the structure (ok the tropic actually changes a bit every year, but let's skip that detail for now). If you stand at the left of the structure (according to the photo), you're standing in Earth's tropical zone, and if you move to the right, you'll be in the North Temperate Zone. If you place yourself carefully in the middle - just as you can see me doing in this image -  you'll be standing at two different climate zones at the same time, tropical and subtropical. Cool, huh? This was my third trip to this landmark in barely one week, but the previous attempts were spoiled by clouds or the moon - you can tell how hard I chased it.

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