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Cathedral Peak in Yosemite

Posted: April 18th, 2014

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I'm not particularly thrilled with this image, but I was even less thrilled when I took it. 15 minutes before taking this photo, I had fallen into a creek, so I was still completely soaked, making sure the equipment was dry and working (thank goodness it was!), and wondering what the heck was I doing there, in the middle of an extremely marshy meadow, instead of heading back to the car (2 hours hike back though) to dry myself a bit. Not sure what to blame, but I didn't get the parameters right in the camera, and as such, it came out way too dark, so I tried to work my way out in post-processing, but I'm feeling I overdid it. Still, after all that it took me to get there, I'm not just going to throw the photo away, so here it is. The peak on the left is Cathedral Peak in Yosemite, by the way.



jim gage (Contact, Page), October 4th, 2015, 9:13
Funny to read your comments. I thought the surreal look was stunning in this photo. It is a matter of taste, I guess. Beautiful!

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