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Murcia Workshop - Photos

Posted: June 28th, 2015

Here's some photos taken (none by me :-) ) during yesterday's (June 28, 2015), PixInsight workshop in my hometown, Murcia, Spain.

First, two group photos. Not everyone is in them as some had to leave early and we took the picture after the workshop. Iko and Angel switched as photographers in both pics.


A photo of the venue (thanks Miguel Lloret!) taken by Victor Fernández Cano


Now, some individual shots...

Left to right: Rogelio and Iko

Left to right: Rogelio, Marta and Miguel


Left to right: Rogelio and Alvaro

Left to right: Rogelio and Jose (no, I didn't do that fancy background thing ;-) )

Left to right: Rogelio and Luis

Left to right: Rogelio and Christian

Left to right: Juan Jose and Rogelio

Left to right: Jose Francisco and Rogelio

Now, some views of the class, most of them right before we actually started..:

Some of the gang went in the evening for a walk around the city. Yes, we do have a pretty bulky cathedral in Murcia :-) ...


I may receive more images in the next couple of days. That being the case, I'd definitely be adding them to this post.

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