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Deep-sky Image Processing with PixInsight- Advanced Level

Posted: November 20th, 2017

SPEAKER: Rogelio Bernal Andreo
VENUE: Sunnyvale, California (exact location will be emailed to you upon registration)
DATE: Sunday February 4, 2018
TIME: 10am to 1:30pm
REGISTRATION: $99 (drinks and snacks will be provided)


We use PayPal to collect workshop fees. If you do not have PayPal but wish to attend, please contact us.

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It's recommended to bring your own laptop with PixInsight installed and working. This is not a requirement, but if you don't bring your own laptop with PixInsight installed, you'd be missing the entire hands-on experience provided by the workshop.

As for power, there will be power plugs, but it's better if you bring it with the batteries fully loaded.


This workshop is aimed at people with at least intermediate knowledge of PixInsight. Advanced topics and techniques will be discussed.

The following topics will also be covered:

  • Star masks: build successful masks, anytime
    Star masks are a huge topic in astroimage post-processing. Whenever a star mask may be suitable at any given processing step, more often than not, the quality of such star mask, not the process itself, will determine success or failure. The problem is, every situation requires a unique mask, so "cooking recipes" on star masks don't often work well. Learn how to not depend on recipes, and utilize the skills that you will also learn in this workshop to write with confidence your own "recipes".

  • Pulling faint data from the noise floor
    This seems to be a continuous area of interest, no doubt. We all want our images to display more "data" than what we've been able to pull before. Make no mistake, you cannot get data from where there isn't any. However, there are techniques that help you reveal faint data while minimizing artifacts and we will cover some of these techniques in the workshop.

  • Building mosaics of any size... from 2 to 200 panes!
    Mosaics - that is, a combination of several images together next to each other, forming a much larger view - used to be something only a few would dare to attempt. Nowadays however, we have tools and techniques that make building mosaics something almost anyone can do.

There'll be a time for Q&A, so be prepared to come with your questions!!


Rogelio has been all around the world doing astroimaging and giving talks and workshops about astronomical imaging and image processing: America (USA and Latin America), Australia, Europe, Asia...
Click here for a list of awards and accolades.

Just as Rogelio's work has often been defined as a unique, easily recognizable personal style, expect the same from his presentations, field trips and workshops.

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