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Matts Sporre (Contact, Page), November 2nd, 2009, 23:18

Very nice images! Even thou all images are very good there seem to be a jump in quality around the year shift 2008/2009 (from very good to extremely good :-). Is the main reason the shift in equipment (from Canon 40D and Televue to SBIG and Takahashi) or did you learn something new?


RBA (Contact, Page), November 3rd, 2009, 11:03

Hi Matts and thanks for your comment! While this is a hobby where you never stop learning and challenging yourself, yes, the upgrade in the equipment meant a before and after in the quality of the data that I was able to capture, not so much because of the change in scope (although I do like the Takahashi FSQ more than the Televue NP101) but because of the change from a DSLR to a (expensive!) CCD.

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