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NGC 2170: Comments

Julien Lecomte (Contact, Page), March 23rd, 2010, 19:26

Wow, this is remarkable! Great job guys!

RBA (Contact, Page), March 24th, 2010, 12:19

Hey Julien, thanks for stopping by!
I'll let the guys know about your comment :-)

Sakib (Contact, Page), March 27th, 2010, 17:12

Stunning vista! One of my favourite regions of the sky, all the colours and swirls make a really magical picture! My favourite will always be Tom Davis's widefield and Russell Croman's closeup.

Erik L (Contact, Page), November 5th, 2010, 23:59

This did come out amazingly well , I had forgotten about this and seeing the raw data that night I hadnt seen it since.

I remember this was the shot you guys all did that first night from the airport and the fog skunked us.

Looks like we picked a good one to ask you up :)

It is a fickle hobby sometimes.

RBA (Contact, Page), November 6th, 2010, 0:04

Erik - yup... We started it at Bonny Doon that night, when you, Paul and Mark were there (I'm not sure if I'm missing somone). First time at BD and fog came to greet us. Funny hobby indeed :-)

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