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The value of an astrophoto: Comments

Ignacio Diaz Bobillo (Contact, Page), September 13th, 2011, 11:08

Hola Rogelio,
I enjoyed reading your views on the value of astophotography. I agree with you in that many in the community seem to self-impose a rather strict code of ethics/aesthetics. I am interested in this topic, and wrote a brief statement from an arts form perspective. I leave you the link, if interested, so I don't have to repeat myself :)
Take care

Tor Norretranders (Contact, Page), March 8th, 2012, 13:10

Hi Rogelio,

Your images are truly wonderful: They are a major contribution to the way we see the sky because they bring together in one imgae the sky as it appears to the telescope and the sky as it appers to the naked eye (like the Big Dipper with M51 and M101). This is to the sky what Google Earth is to the planet: Zoom! Uniting the everyday view of the sky with the instrumentally aided view obviously necessitates some editing. But the result is of outstanding value. Deepfelt thanks. I would like to print a huge display of two of your constellation-images and have sent you an email about this.
Thanks for your beautiful eye-openers, Best, Tor

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