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Moonlit Firefalls @ Yosemite: Comments

Carolyn (Contact, Page), May 13th, 2017, 23:08

I have seen the Horsetail Fall sunset event a few times myself, and have seen many photos of it too. I have never seen a night shot before, and I am in wonder at how lovely it is. The colors in the flooded river really add to the beauty. And the stars in the sky, amazing. Thank you!

Richard B Snyder (Contact, Page), June 7th, 2017, 21:42

I assume that you are familiar with Galen Rowell's great sunset horsetail firefall photo in his famous book "Mountain Light"...

RBA (Contact, Page), June 8th, 2017, 18:37

Thank you Carolyn!
Richard, yes of course. Galen was the first known photographer to capture the sunset firefall.

mlaiuppa (Contact, Page), June 16th, 2017, 2:36

I was there. That is, I was sleeping in my room in Oakhurst on both of those nights, May 8 & 9 having no clue what was happening in Yosemite. I had heard of the firefall but not by moonlight. I was there from May 6 through May 16 for a watercolor class. My teacher on the 14th even told me about the moonbow that can happen at Yosemite Falls (and I'll assume Bridalveil as well) but I didn't know Horseshoe had a firefall by moonlight. The photos are awesome. I did manage to get some photos of the rainbow at Bridalveil from tunnelview which I guess is pretty common. I'll be trying to capture those in watercolor when I get good enough. Thanks for sharing not only your photos but the why and how. Always fascinating.

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