RBA Premium Astrophotography

Locations: Deep Sky Ranch

Elevation: 2200 feet (670 meters)
Location: South/East of Paicines, California
Darkness: Blue zone. Average SQM is around 21.5 ~ 21.6. Highest reading for me was 21.80
Best sky: All directions

Deep Sky Ranch, just like Willow Springs and DARC, is also private property and by invitation only. Also, space is very limited, so on good nights, if you don't "reserve" your spot early, you may find there's already a full-house!

It is just 2-3 miles west of the Willow Springs site, but owned by a different friend than the owner of the Willow Spring site. In fact, Deep Sky Ranch is in the area named Willow Springs, but this is actually a Ranch, while the Willow Springs site is just a piece of land with no official name of its own (that I know of).

Despite being just 2-3 miles away, it's about 1000 feet lower than the Willow Springs site. While this may actually make a difference in temperatures, or even in the amount of fog or moisture, the quality and darkness of the sky is very similar.

Here's a panoramic view of the N-E sky at Deep Sky Ranch, where the only source of light pollution at the NE can be seen (exaggerated in the image due to the long exposure)

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