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Locations: Willow Springs

Elevation: 3000 feet (915 meters)
Location: South/East of Paicines, California
Darkness: Blue zone.
Best sky: All directions

Willow Springs is private property and one can only visit the site by invitation only. It is a very dark site, well in the "blue" zone, with almost no light pollution sources all around for miles.

The drive is a bit long though, taking at least 2 hours from Sunnyvale. While a lot of the drive is highway, then a not-too-bad road, the last couple of miles can be a challenge for a sedan type of car (hint: steep graveled road). Even if you've been invited, do not go to this place in your first visit (or probably ever) if you think you'll get there when it's dark already.

Other than that, if you're looking for really dark skies, the two hours drive are really worth it. I don't go Willow Springs very often but it has never disappointed me.

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