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Beyond the Milky Way, The book

Beyond the Milky Way shows you how to go from capturing breathtaking images of our Milky Way to bringing home awe-inspiring images of galaxies, nebulas, comets and more, helping you transition from nightscapes to deep-sky astrophotography - both acquisition and post-processing! - in a way that makes more sense than anything else I've seen.


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"Beyond the Milky Way"
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Nightscapes: images of a landscape - or a feature, object, landmark, etc - under a, usually starry, night sky.

Deep-sky: images of deep space such as galaxies, nebulas, comets, etc.

In the last few years, nightscape photography has become nearly as popular as "daylight" landscape photography.

As many nightscapers become more intrigued and curious about the night sky while at the same time challenge themselves to reach further, their interest for deep-sky photography sometimes kicks in. It may not have happened to you, or perhaps it did but you thought it was too far-fetched, too expensive or just too time consuming that you didn't give it any other thought.

Not only that, I've noticed that when seasoned nightscapers get their feet wet in the seas of deep-sky photography, they often apply their "acquired knowledge" doing nightscape photography and, unfortunately, that usually ends up doing more damage than good, especially during post-processing - perhaps without even knowing it.

That's where Beyond the Milky Way comes in.


Beyond the Milky Way is not concept-oriented but a goal-oriented book. As such, as tempting as it may be to write a list of features, concepts and techniques being discussed in the book, my goal is to get you comfortable capturing and processing deep-sky images, however the means.

Yes, the book talks about tracking, guiding, telescopes vs lenses, linear vs non-linear processing, calibration and many other things you may either be familiar with or may not have heard in your life, but as you will see, the book isn't a list of "must know concepts". Instead, it works like a map that shows you different roads, all leading to the same place: you being able to master the acquisition of a deep-sky object or "scene", AND have absolute control over the post-editing process, so you can take your image where YOU want it.

Some things you will see:

  • Beyond the Milky Way gives you realistic and clear expectations about what will it take you to capture and process amazing images of many deep-sky objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy and more. Money wise, time wise and effort wise.

    It does that by guiding you through different ways you can climb this ladder, showing you shortcuts, risks and more. There's many articles and tutorials talking about getting started in deep-sky photography, but I haven't seen any that guides you through the many different ways to become a skillful deep-sky photographer, so you can choose how big or small you want your steps to be at any time.

  • By knowing about the habbits, techniques and skills nightscape photographers use, the book puts you on a driving seat you're familiar with, and "shifts" these familiar tools and methods into the tools and methods you really need to know for deep-sky photography, as opposed to using a "you must forget everything you know" approach (easier on the teacher but a waste for the student). This is true for both, acquisition and post-processing, but it's especially true for the entire post-editing process.

    Not familiar with nightscape techniques? No worries. The first chapter will help you feel comfortable capturing and processing your own nightscapes regardless of your experience, and soon you'll be ready to move on to deep-sky photography... or just jump right in!


Simply put, I've seen quite a number of night photographers embrace deep-sky photography, and right off the bat I could see either their struggle or what I recognized as "wrong decisions", usually inherited from "nightscape habits". While some of them were actually happy about their results (I can understand that), I know it's within them to do so much better with nearly no extra effort but a better know-how.

This is something where I felt that if I shared my thoughts and everything I've learned about this topic, that would definitely help some folks save a lot of time and probably even money! This however, is not something you can explain to someone in a text message. There's many subtleties and putting it all together to really make it useful would take some thoughts and preparation and it would definitely end up the size of a book... and so.... here it is!

As I started writing the book I realized it would be a mistake to leave out those who don't have "nightscape experience", so the first chapter is devoted to get anyone up to speed in shooting nightscapes before jumping into deep-sky imaging. After all, I did start deep-sky photography before I attempted any other kind of photography, so whatever your situation is, if your goal is to produce gorgeous images of the deep sky, Beyond the Milky Way will help you get there.

Because I only wanted to focus on the content and getting it out, as opposed to the very time-consuming process of publishing, Beyond the Milky Way is only released as an e-book.


Frequently described by peers as one of the most recognized and influential deep-sky and night photographers in the world today, I've been all around the globe doing astrophotography in many of its forms for over 10 years, predominantly deep-sky and nightscape photography. I'm told to also have inspired many deep-sky astrophotographers with my personal "deep and wide" style and techniques. I have given talks and workshops about astrophotography and image processing in USA, Latin America, Australia, Europe and Asia... For a list of awards and accolades click here.

I am not going to claim I am the best person to teach someone how to go from taking shots of the Milky Way to going ultra-deep on the Orion nebula, but I've done both extensively, I've written articles, given talks in front of large audiences, presentations and workshops, and I am very confident that my approach to bridge these two similar yet very different disciplines will not only get you results but also the independence and confidence to continue evolving on your own terms.

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