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Life is what happens between the decisions we make.
The Garden Island, the quintessential Hawaiian island with a beauty nowhere else found on earth, staged, almost naturally, the birth of this amazing journey across all Hawaiian Islands, during what was meant to be nothing but a short family vacation.

Over the Canyon

Almost unreachable


Checking the time seems to be meaningless when you're in a place like Polihale Beach. You give yourself a chance every once in a while to remember that time is not still, but timing yourself would be sacrilege.

Away from everything


Deep Sky Rainbow


Magical Ke'e nights

I arrived at the end parking lot around midnight. There were no other cars. That's when you know you are alone. I switched off the lights of the car, following my usual routine. Despite having gained just a sliver of night vision, as I got out of the car I immediately recognized familiar starry shapes in the sky. Something else I saw, however, caught me by surprise.

A night to remember

Now it's all mine

My little adventure that night started by attempting the Kalalau trail - the trail that leads to the famous Na Pali coast - when it was already getting dark. This trail starts with a steep climb and it often narrows with steep drop-offs, while you have to sort through protruding roots and rocks. Yes, there have been many injuries and even deaths at this trail. To make things worse that night, it started to rain...ight r in, but enough to transform the near-climbing hike into a slippery trap.

Black and eww


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