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I spent one second to analyze what I was about to do. It was midnight. I was at the summit of Haleakala at 10,000 feet. I had a bit over half a tank full of gas. I had slept no more than seven hours in the last four days aided only by coffee and stubbornness, and I was about to head into a long winding road - Hana Hwy - under a raging tropical storm for several hours, for the sixth time in just a few days. in the hope that a miracle would allow me to snitch a couple of photos under a starry sky, all within less than eight hours before I had to take my flight back to California.
Hit it!

Holy Haleakala

Olowalu Moon

You may have seen a starry sky crowned by the Milky Way hundreds of times, it will continue to mesmerize you. Anything beyond that is rare. That night at Haleakala was unmistakably one of such exceptions.

Maui on Fire

Makena Sparkles

I don't usually remember my dreams, but I'm sure on that flight back home I dreamt of endless and secluded white sand beaches, glowing volcanoes, intriguing coves, dirt roads, glorious sunsets, tropical rain storms, mysterious moonbows and that moment at Keanae when my search for the ultimate Hawaiian nigh image ended.


We'll spend the night here

Worth a lifetime

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