RBA Tools
A set of home-brewed tools for PixInsight

RBA Tools is (rather, it will be) a set of processes that add new functionality to PixInsight.

Random demonstration of the DynamicPaintbrush tool

At this moment, the only tool in RBA Tools is DynamicPaintbrush, but new tools are being developed and over time they will be added to this collection. Some of the tools in the pipeline are some Photoshop-like tools, such as Layers and Lasso, but there's also a few other tools I have in mind that have nothing to do with Photoshop and are more astrophotography-oriented, involving preprocessing, noise reduction, etc.

Here's the list of all modules that are currently in the RBA-Tools toolbox. Click on any of them (well, on "it" for now) for more information, downloads, documentation and registration.

Any questions, please contact us.