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A New Angel

Posted: April 10th, 2016

For most people, this is just an image of a fuzzy and messy nebula. Well, it is, but it's also a bit more than that.

A typical astroimage of this area of the sky would mostly show the stars you see here, and not much more. All the dusty structures in this area would mostly remain invisible. Why? They're really really faint.

Back in 2010 I challenged myself to capture this area, and I managed to produce the deepest image to that date of this faint and dusty angel that I know of. Today I googled "angel nebula", and not only I fail to see a clearer version, there's still almost no images of it other than my own...

So I threw about twice as much exposure time as I did six years ago, and tried to better it myself. I think I did. Not only that, there's still plenty of room for a better version. Now, since all this dust is clearly "disorganized", having more of it visible only makes for a messier battlefield.

While this is an uncatalogued nebula (no surprise there, actually), it was unofficially named "The Angel Nebula" by Steve Mandel's son, when Steve was studying this area, and I've done all I could to help making sure the name sticks :-)

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