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Deep Sky Colors, The book


"Deep Sky Colors" is a never seen before professional quality photographic documentary of vast areas of the "deep" night sky from the very personal perspective of its author, in the form of a high quality printed hard-cover book.


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I once said that astroimaging is like stealing a bit off the Universe and take it home with you. I am now inviting you to join me in a very personal journey into the world of deep sky astroimaging. The book includes many one-of-a-kind images of very deep vast areas of the night sky featuring galaxies, nebulae, gas, dust and stars. These are about 30 of the best astroimages from Rogelio Bernal Andreo, and only the images are worth owning the book.

"Deep Sky Colors" will take you deep and up-close into astrophotography and our Universe, by documenting it from very diverse perspectives:


Even superb photography and storytelling may look dull if presented in average quality printed media. When you buy your copy of Deep Sky Colors, you will see we did not go cheap in the production of the book. We wanted a book that breathes quality, not only in the content but also in how it looks and feels.

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