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My mother-in-law is truly an amazing artist. A professor of fine art for nearly 60 years, painting roses quickly became one of her specialties.

Recently, with the help of my wife and I, we all gathered some of her roses sketches (many from California) and paintings over the years and put together a rose collection book, 128 pages with 108 of her watercolor rose paintings. This is a one of a kind book, first time an artist is able to showcase so many beautiful rose paintings in one single collection. We are fortunate enough to have a few books on hand. If you love roses or want to get one as a gift for someone who love roses, you can acquire a copy of this beautiful book via this link before we run out of them. Paintings in this book have English titles, with a few pages and calligraphy presented in Mandarin.


"I initially bought the book because I was intrigued by the cover of the book and how it portrayed one of my favorite flowers. All of the images are exquisite. Each one depicts a rose as well as the characteristics normally associated with it, but the manner of each image depicts roses in a very different light. The image "Moon Lover" shows a very soft interpretation while "Grow Old Together" shows the many phases of any life from the start of the flower to an old rose. Each image also includes birds, butterflies, or insects - with the choice of used to add dimension to the image. The book is far more than a coffee table book - it is a book to review and give thought to the various journeys in life."

D. Wood


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