Mastering PixInsight
and the art of Astroimage Processing

"Mastering PixInsight" does much more than covering PixInsight from A to Z.

In addition to including the most complete PixInsight Reference Guide on the planet to date, the book takes an intimate look at RBA's huge private repository of countless personal processing tips, "tricks", methods and know-how accrued over more than ten years.

This is the book where RBA gives everything he's got, and more.


Mastering PixInsight is scheduled to go for printing in September 2019. That's also when the digital version will be released.

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These are some of the things you will find inside Mastering PixInsight:

(how this book came to be)

The AIC Talk

In 2010 I stood in front of 300 avid "Photoshop astrophotographers" at the Advanced Imaging Conference in Santa Clara, California. It was my first astro talk, after famed Russel Crowman had given his Hubble Award speech. I talked about PixInsight, a word only a handful of people had ever heard.

When I finished the talk, after a standing ovation, something had changed in the minds of many people. I didn't know it at that moment, but many have told me afterward. Even the foremost astrophotographers at the time had just realized there were other ways to process astroimages than what they knew it was possible, and these ways seemed to make so much more sense. And look at the results this RBA guy is getting! - they said.

Whether I was just a messenger or something more, PixInsight went from being some strange software a few people use to become the tool everyone wanted to learn. But, what about the learning curve?

With great power comes... a book?

For many people I then became an expert on PixInsight, nearly 10 years ago, and many people have associated my name with PixInsight ever since. That was fine but planting that seed onto such a large crowd came with some responsibilities, even more so as many people were also looking at my images and felt inspired... People wanted to learn, but certainly just giving them a name (PixInsight) wasn't enough. Not to mention the resistance to change many people struggled with.

This drove me to start writing this book. The year is 2011, when there was almost nothing out there about PixInsight. I wanted the book to be a one-destination-for-all-PixInsight, so I put a lot of heart into it for over one year. With no references whatsoever you really had to research every little thing on your own, try every scenario, etc. Eventually however, other things took preference, and the book became a low priority project, although I never completely put it away.

Being First

A couple of years later something happened. An unwritten but real "race" among a few astrophotographers and authors to be the first person releasing a book about PixInsight had developed. It was seen as an "untapped market", and suddenly, even some folks who had never used PixInsight started to show interest in writing about it.

I wasn't shocked but the whole thing actually detracted me from jumping on my book and finishing it. Long story short, I decided to let others cover this space while I would focus on my own astrophoto work. Eventually that "first" book came from a good friend who had actually learned the software and who had been smart enough to partner with me previously on another PixInsight-related venture, he did a very good job, and I was happy about it.

Every once in a while, however, I would still nurture my years-long book project and update, add, or simply improve it. In a way, it also became my private repository where I would slowly document new processing tips and tricks.

Why now?

Fast-forward to today, and while there is now a lot more information about PixInsight and ways to use it than ever before - whether in the form of tutorials, videos or even a book or two - as I've reviewed a lot of what's out there, I feel just as I did in 2011: there's still a lot to be said and no one is saying it - this book needs to be finished.

And just as my motivation to capture many of my images has always been "I want to see this area like I haven't seen it before", with Mastering PixInsight my goal was just as simple and ambitious as with my images: to create a book that, like Clouds of Andromeda and many of my images, shows things that I haven't seen before in books, tutorials and so on... going deeper than what others have gone so far. That's what I love doing, after all.


Even superb content may feel dull if presented in average quality printed media. When you buy Mastering PixInsight, you will see we wanted a book that breathes quality, not only in the content but also "in and out".

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