My name is Rogelio Bernal Andreo.
I’m an astrophotographer.

I’m often described by my peers and others as a “world renowned” astrophotographer and night photographer. Me? I’d like to describe myself as a deep sky seeker, explorer, star catcher, traveler, creator, writer and learner. I’m also madly in love, and a father crazy about my kids.

In the last few years I’ve received numerous awards and prestigious accolades and my images have been published in many international publications, showcased in museums, appeared in television networks such as the BBC, National Geographic, or the Discovery Channel, and even appeared in high-selling motion pictures. My images have also been selected over 80 times for NASA’s APOD at the time of this writing, an honor only a handful of people can also claim.

I hope you enjoy my photos, and if you want to drop me a line, feel free to do so. Below you can find my contact information.

About my work

Almost everything you can find here relates to my work as astrophotographer. More specifically, my books, educational material I’ve put out there, and, of course, my astroimages!

When you look at my images, what you see is, unless specifically noted, real images of real stuff. They’re certainly edited to my liking, but again, unless noted, my images are not composited, colors may be pushed but never altered (I don’t capriciously change something from red to blue, for example), and nothing in them is AI generated, nor processed through filters that change the mood, colors or even some elements in the image. I do composites from time to time, and I will likely explore AI solutions that aid in the editing, but if and when I do, again, it will be prominently noted. For every other image (well over 95% of my portfolio), you can rest assured that what you see actually happened, that I was there to capture it with my cameras or telescopes, and you’re seeing it through my personal perspective.

About Ariana

Ariana was more than my companion during countless night adventures chasing the stars. A soulmate, a guide and an angel for 32 years, Ariana tragically passed away on July 27, 2021. She had an incredibly creative mind, and no doubt, her talent and creativity touches many of the images presented in this web site up until her passing, and beyond. She is definitely present in many of them, and I don’t mean spiritually. She literally has influenced my work, the wya I do certain things or even how to frame certain subjects, and I know without a doubt that if it wasn’t for her, there would be nothing to see here.

After many, many months of deep grief, and a few years later, I was able to reconstruct my life, find new love and continue photographing the cosmos with a renewed passion.

Speaking Arrangements, Assignment, Workshops

I am available for speaking arrangements and hands-on workshops around the world. Topics I’ve covered in the past are anything related to deep-sky photography and night landscape photography.

I am also currently accepting photo assignments that are related to my craft. Travel is ok.

Please use the information below to contact us.

Contact Information


If you want to write to us directly, you can do so at


You can also follow me on Facebook. As a courtesy to those who follow me, my Facebook page is the place where I first post all of my new images.


Although I don’t post as often on my Instagram account, this is another great place to keep up with my new work.

Other sites

Other places where you can see my work are my Flickr and 500px accounts. They’re both nearly abandoned, although my Flickr page has a good number of  images from my first ten or so years photographing the night sky.

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