Mastering PixInsight

“Mastering PixInsight” does much more than covering PixInsight from A to Z. In addition to including the most complete PixInsight Reference Guide on the planet to date, the book takes an intimate look at RBA’s huge private repository of countless personal processing tips, “tricks”, methods and know-how accrued over more than ten years.


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Also, we’ve run out of printed copies and WILL NOT BE PRINTING more copies of the current edition for the time being, meaning there will be no printed copies available at least until 2025. Thank you for your understanding.


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These are some of the things you will find inside
Mastering PixInsight:

  • The most complete PixInsight Reference Guide you will find today.I wrote the first PixInsight Reference Guide nearly 10 years ago, setting the base for many other authors to write their own tutorials, so you can trust I made sure this one doesn’t miss a thing and it’s 100% up-to-date. I’ve seen what’s out there today – it’s good but it can be better.
    Only the Reference Guide could be a book on its own (and well, it ended up being one!), but I also wanted to give you something more personal.
  • Not just for beginners, not just for experts.
    Everyone wants to produce great astrophotos, but everyone also has different processing skills. Mastering PixInsight
    starts at the very beginning: installing the software! It introduces it gently, then it starts with a complete workflow
    aimed at those who have never used PixInsight yet.
  • With that done, the book makes sure we get to know every other details about using PixInsight until there’s little left.
  • Then it spends a good part of the book doing a new processing round from the beginning, but this time not leaving anything
  • The book continues covering some individual topic in great detail: narrowband, from small to huge mosaics, HDR, etc.
  • It wraps up introducing parallel workflow, and a few other things.
  • If you order the paper copy, you also get the PDFBy also getting the digital version, not only you’ll have an easy way to “carry” the
    book everywhere with you, but you’ll always have access to the latest revisions.


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