Notes from the Stars


"Notes from the Stars" is a high-quality, hardcover book, written by ten award-winning world-class night landscape photographers, each teaching us about what they do best.


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Each subject is covered from a personal perspective by an expert and acclaimed nightscape photographer - an authority and inspiration to many in the topic they chose to write about. Here's some of the topics:

  • Shooting the Milky Way under the moonlight, by Brad Goldpaint
  • Night timelapse techniques, by Mark Gee
  • Photographing meteor showers, by Rogelio Bernal Andreo
  • Vision of Depth, by Mikko Lagerstedt
  • Creating deepscapes, by Babak Tafreshi
  • Exposure blends, by Mike Taylor
  • Photographing National Parks at night, by Wally Pacholka
  • Capturing the Northern Lights, by Jack Fusco
  • High Resolution Nightscapes, by Paul Wilson
  • Capturing Airglow, by Yuri Beletsky

Our aim is to put in your hands the book every night photography enthusiast would love to read.


There's many books and tutorials that teach nightscape photography techniques. However, no photographer can master every facet of nightscape photography, so readers are often left with useful but standard procedures and perhaps a taste of the author's own take on all those techniques.

In Notes from the Stars you'll go with Yuri Beletsky to capture airglow panoramas in Chile, accompany Wally Pacholka across US National Parks at night, watch Mark Gee doing his cool night timelapses, walk with Mikko Lagerstedt seeking one of a kind compositions, travel to Canada with Jack Fusco to shoot the Northern Lights, and much more!

That's right! Notes from the Stars isn't just ten lessons on "standard nightscape techniques" that use the voice of ten world-class nightscape photographers. Far from it, Notes from the Stars is as much about the topics it covers as it is about the authors themselves and their unique ways to carry out their craft.

Not only you will learn each technique from a true master on the topic, but you will also see how each author has adapted "standard procedures" to their own particular way of doing things, literally learning above and beyond what every other book teaches. This makes Notes from the Stars a great book for both novices and experts as well. That's the spirit of the book: instructional, beautiful and personal!

Last, while the written content of the book is mostly instructional, Notes from the Stars also does its part as a tool to spread greater respect and love for our planet and our night sky, awareness about light pollution and finding our place in the Universe. Paraphrasing Dr. Carl Sagan, nightscape photography is a humbling experience. You can't capture the beauty of a night scene and the night sky unless you recognize them as beautiful and earn their respect. Nightscape photographers are true ambassadors of the very things we photograph, and that message is also reflected in Notes from the Stars.


With a foreword from Dr. Jerry Bonnell - one of the editors of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day - Notes from the Stars is packed with, well.. stars! If you're slightly familiar with the nightscape scene, you should recognize most of these names. This truly is a dream team of night photographers whose collective knowledge virtually covers every skill ever known to man that has been applied to producing stellar nightscapes.

Once you see the work these authors produce you won't be needing this, but just to confirm we're not overhyping it, here's some of the awards and accomplishments accumulated by the authors in the book (detailed bios are in the FAQ):

  • TIME and LIFE Photography of the Year, twice!
  • Four of the authors have been awarded over 200 NASA's APODs!
  • Not just one or two but over six Astronomy Photographer of the Year awards, the largest astrophotography and nightscape contest in the world. One
  • of the authors is the founder of The World At Night, the largest organization of night photographers in the world, by far.
  • Lennart Nilsson Award, the world�s most recognized award for scientific photography.
  • Several Harry Williams Astrophotography Awards
  • Pleiades Award, the most important newcomer astrophotography award today, worldwide.
  • And many, many more to list here...

In no particular order, here are the human stars of the book. Again, for a more detailed bio, please check the FAQ.

Yuri Beletsky: Capturing the Airglow

Yuri has an easily recognizable style and he constantly surprises us with his amazing landscapes under a glowing sky, and that's exactly what he writes about: his own techniques to capture the beautiful yet evasive airglow.

Mark Gee: The Art of Nightscape Timelapses

Mark, like everyone else in the book, does many things really, really well. A cinematographer by day, Mark's topic is one he absolutely masters: how he captures and produces some of the hottest timelapse nightscapes you'll ever see.

Brad Goldpaint: Photographing the Milky Way with Moonlight

A veteran nightscaper, Brad's eye and skills are as unique as they are brilliant. In Notes from the Stars Brad tells us about a difficult but rewarding technique and how to make the best of it.

Mikko Lagerstedt: Vision of Depth

Mikko has elevated nightscape photography to the level of fine art, a feat only few can claim. He'll be sharing some of his secrets when planning a shot, looking for the right composition and much more.

Babak Tafreshi: Deep-sky single-shot nightscapes

Babak is the founder of TWAN, the largest association of nightscape photographers in the world, and he will get deep into the nightscape seas by showing us how he captures deep-sky objects in a single-shot landscape image.

Jack Fusco: Photographing the Northern Lights

Jack, another brilliant and highly acclaimed night photographer with a keen sense in composition among many other virtues, describes his methods to capture one of the sexiest night themes ever: Northern Lights!

Mike Taylor: Exposure blend nightscapes

Mike, another highly skilled and creative award-winning photographer (well, they all are!) shares his methods to create exposure blend composites.

Wally Pacholka: Capturing National Parks at Night

It's fair to say that Wally is the grandfather of modern digital nightscape photography, with a list of accolades that could make anyone blush. In Notes from the Stars he talks about what he knows best.

Paul Wilson: High Resolution Nightscape Panoramas

Paul is another stellar photographer from New Zealand. Here he goes into a fairly unexplored technique: creating really high-resolution nightscapes using robotic heads.

Rogelio Bernal Andreo: Meteor showers

Rogelio does deep-sky astrophotography like no one else. Here he shows us how he captures meteor shower shots in all different ways, from single shot fireballs to accurate composites with many meteors in it.


Even superb photography and storytelling may look dull if presented in average quality printed media. When you buy your copy of Notes from the Stars, you will see we did not go cheap in the production of the book. We wanted a book that breathes quality, not only in the content but also in how it looks and feels.

Also, by dealing directly with the printing company, we are in control of the quality. We - not a general bookseller or shipping company - individually handle and pack every book we ship.


We ship anywhere in the world. Paypal guarantees a safe transaction. If you don't have PayPal, contact us. We also accept checks and credit cards.

Hard cover
50 US$ + shipping

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