March 2014

The remake (more like a brand new endeavor) of the famous series COSMOS starts airing tonight March 9th, 2014 on Fox and other channels (if you don’t live in the USA, the starting date may be different), and I have the pride, pleasure and joy of having contributed some of my images to the series.

So… Yes I’m on Cosmos v2.0! Well, sorta.. Just for a few bits! (BTW, a few other fellow astroimagers are as well!)… I was thrilled when some of my images made it to the IMAX Hubble 3D motion picture, but “being” on the remake of such legendary series as Cosmos even for a split second is beyond cool!

So, despite it’s such minimal contribution in comparison to the effort of the entire project, I’m goin to celebrate it by offering a FREE print of any image in my portfolio to the first person to identify one of my images used in the series.

You will need to describe the image (for example “the Orion nebula”) and the episode in which it appeared.

Guessing it’s okay, but only reasonable guesses (like if you see an image you’re almost certain it’s from me). Remember this could happen in any episode, not necessarily on the first one. Heck, the first appearance might happen in episode 8 or 9, who knows!

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