Head to toes, large scale!

April 2012

For the AIC 2011, a group of dedicated imagers (Bob Caton, Eric Zbinden, Al Howard and myself) worked on a fine display of The Clouds of Perseus. What most people don’t know is that, since producing that image was becoming increasingly difficult and we were almost out of time, we actually had a backup in case we couldn’t complete the image on time for the AIC. The backup was also used as a test, to make sure things would look okay in the huge 14-feet display.

We finally did finish on time, not without some considerable imaging and post-processing efforts, and we all were happy. But I figured that by now it would be okay to unveil what was that backup project. Well, see it for yourself!

After AIC, Bob Caton – who is the one who paid for that print – was kind enough to give it to me as a gift. Still, so far, I haven’t found a wall area in my house that would fit such gigantic image. Oh but I will, eventually, eve if it ends up in the ceiling! 🙂

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