The Photographer of the Dust

January 2010

About a couple of months, the folks at Ciel Et Espace (the most popular astronomy magazine in France AFAIK) asked me a few questions about some of my images. Two months later I received in the mail the February 2010 issue, with a nice writeup about me commenting some of those images. Perhaps one of the most exciting things, besides the 6-pages portfolio, is that out of the four stories featured on the cover, one of them is the one about my work, and they titled it “Le Photographe de la poussiere”, which means The Photographer of the dust, which I think it’s kind of cool, despite I don’t consider myself THE photographer of the dust but just one more, out of many. I feel both humbled and honored to see this article – first complete article ever about my work – on a popular magazine, but at the same time, so excited!

The article features nine images (plus one of yours truly, taken at Dinosaur Point, next to my rig), along with a short comment from me about each of them (translated to French). I hesitate to post the article in readable form here as it will infringe their copyright, but while I wait for their permission to publish it, here’s the cover as posted on their web site, a non-readable “preview” of the article (permission for publishing has also been requested), and a list of the images with links to the original version here at DeepSkyColors&46;com.

The cover:

A reduced non-readable version of the article:

And a list of the images, linked to their original version here in

The Witch Head nebula and Rigel
Orion’s Belt
The Blue Horsehead nebula
The Helix Nebula
IC405, M38 and the Tadpoles
The Rosette and Cone area
M81/M82 and Integrated Flux nebulosity
The Leo Triplet

A big thanks goes to Emilie and Franck from Ciel Et Espace for beautifully crafting and publishing this article and giving me the honor of sharing cover space in their prestigious magazine!

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