Taipei, Taiwan

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The story

The metropolitan area of Taipei, Taiwan is home to almost 7 million people. Yet just minutes from the heart of town you can find yourself lost in a lush tropical forest and delight in a spectacle of lights like no other. Not artificial lights, but as natural as stars: fireflies or lightning bugs — thousands of them! Taiwan is home to about 60 species of fireflies and the month of May is often the high point of their annual activity. On this April night, the ground, not the sky, was filled with myriad twinkling points of light. Their glow is a result of bioluminescence, the same cold light used by some marine organisms. Note that the large yellow blobs in the foreground are out of focus fireflies.

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Fuji Pearl paper is a super high gloss finish, archival paper. It has a better gloss than glossy photo paper, thicker paper and it contains pigments and other materials that give purer whites and sharper, better defined highlights. We ship our prints flat, not rolled, regardless of the size.

Metal prints are a modern and visually striking way to display photographs. The printing process involves infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in vibrant and durable prints with a unique, high-gloss finish. Metal prints are always shipped ready to hang.

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