Clouds of Orion

Award-winning image showing the entire constellation of Orion

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The story

Clouds of Orion (Galactic Hunter) is one of the most popular images in my portfolio. It’s a 49 panes mosaic image that I captured between October 2014 and February 2015 of the Orion constellation, featuring a large number of well-known objects, from the Horsehead nebula, to the Orion nebula, Barnard’s loop, Witchhead nebula and many others. The image accumulates 220 hours of exposure time (1,860 total individual exposures), meaning you’re looking at the light captured by a CCD camera during 220 hours.The field of view in the image is about 32.5 x 22.2 degrees (39.5 diagonal). To put this in perspective, the Moon’s diameter is only 1/2 degree, meaning you could fit a total of 1,443 Moons in this image – at the scale it would show if it had been up in the sky, without overlapping.

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