Green Moon Sand

Green Sand Beach, Hawai’i

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The story

Here’s a nightscape that I find rather interesting, due to the details in and surrounding the shot. First of all, the features… Common elements abound, but not the kind you often see all together. A dark sky prominently featuring the constellation of Orion battles between the light from a rising moon on the left, and a powerful zodiacal light on the right, all bathed by the faint glow of sunset’s last lights. Then, the place. We all know about white, golden or black sand beaches… perhaps even red! Not this time. The sand in this beach is actually green! if you don’t think that’s rare, consider that there’s only four green sand beaches in the world – this is one of them. Moonlight and skyglow aren’t the best light sources to bring the distinctive and shiny olive green color in the sand, though. Last, I ventured to visit this place at night, as always, fed by my curiosity more than anything else. While I had heard a lot about this place, I failed to find one single photo showing it to me the way I always want to see places such as this: at night! Changing and temperamental weather conditions threatened even a so-so capture but in the end, I do think this image does justice to the place. Whereas some would label this corner of the world as a simple beach if it wasn’t because of the unusual green sand, it is a beautiful place, green or otherwise.

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