Queen In Love

Mushroom rock, Death Valley National Park, California

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The story

Some call this a mushroom rock. I see a lady’s head, a Queen’s head of sorts, and there comes the tile.. Sure, I too am in love with Death Valley’s night skies. When my workshop group and I visited this location – yet another spot in Death Valley barely ever photographed at night – the Milky Way was barely rising. We could get the MW and the “head” in some shots, but I personally didn’t like the shape of the silhouette from that angle. Truth is, you don’t have many choices to get a good angle (this was shot with my camera on the ground, literally). So I stated that if we waited until 4:30am, we would be able to get that Milky Way shot with the “head” in it at a nicer angle (the one you see in the pic). Unfortunately, our plan for the rest of the night was getting a Milky Way reflection on a real creek in Death Valley, and we were all very excited about that, so waiting until 4:30am by this rock wasn’t an option. We joked that we could “photoshop” it, but then I challenged “Would you be able to get it right, as it would actually look like if we waited?” … No one took on the challenge, so I did! And these are the results.

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