Rainbow in the Dark

Papohaku Beach, Moloka’i, Hawai’i

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The story

Have you ever seen a true moonbow? That is, a rainbow caused by moonlight, not directly by the Sun.We’re not talking about the predictable ones caused by waterfalls or the occasional ones caused by fog, but the completely random ones caused by rain, just like daytime rainbows. They’re magical and one of nature’s most elusive phenomena.Having this beach as the stage, remote as can be (Moloka’i truly is a place different than anything else you’ll ever see), where the only footsteps in the sand are yours, and for a second you may feel your life was all worth it, if just for that instant.I took this picture exactly at 12:03am in the night, literally a midnight rainbow. Some people think the light in the horizon is the sun – not quite possible at midnight!! It’s the lights from the island of Oahu (Honolulu, etc). The image is a single shot with no editing other than minor contrast, saturation and brightness adjustments.

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