Mastering PixInsight
and the art of Astroimage Processing

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"Mastering PixInsight" does much more than covering PixInsight from A to Z.

In addition to including the most complete PixInsight Reference Guide on the planet to date, the book takes an intimate look at RBA's huge private repository of countless personal processing tips, "tricks", methods and know-how accrued over more than ten years.

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These are some of the things you will find inside Mastering PixInsight:


Even superb content may feel dull if presented in average quality printed media. When you buy Mastering PixInsight, you will see we wanted a book that breathes quality, not only in the content but also "in and out". Out of the over 2,000 copies sold, we have only received compliments, and we're certain you will not be disappointed. Right page and font size, nice semi-hard cover, premium flyleaves, strong binding, all pages full color, etc.

Also, by us handling the entire publishing process, we are in control of the quality. We - not a general bookseller or publishing company - produce, manage, handle and pack every single book we ship.